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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, BT Infinity/FTTC upgrades incoming? in Technical; Those of you on a BT Infinity line (or another BT FTTC service resold through another provider) may recall that ...
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    BT Infinity/FTTC upgrades incoming?

    Those of you on a BT Infinity line (or another BT FTTC service resold through another provider) may recall that BT announced a little while ago they would be upping the max speed from 40mbps to around 80mbps. Well, we got an email through from Zen Internet today about ours:

    As part of ongoing improvements to our range of Fibre Broadband services we will be upgrading your Zen Fibre Office Plus service so that you can benefit from faster downstream and upstream speeds.

    Your current downstream speed: "up to 40Mbps"
    Your current upstream speed: "up to 10Mbps"

    Your new downstream speed: "up to 76Mbps"
    Your new upstream speed: "up to 19Mbps"

    When will the improvement take place?
    You don't need to do anything to benefit from these faster speeds. The increase will automatically take place from Wednesday, 09 May 2012 and will be completed by Thursday, 10 May 2012.
    One word: NICE.

    We currently get extremely close to the 40/10 speeds as the phone line into the server room is apparently only about 100m from the street cabinet, so we should stand a good chance of hitting the max speeds when they upgrade. Anyone else heard anything about their FTTC line being automatically upped or are we in an early batch?

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    My exchange was upgraded to FTTC and went live end of March. However I'm one of the unlucky people that can't get it due to being on a line connected directly to the exchange!

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    FTTC is great. We were testing the 80Mbit service back in December in conjunction with BT and got 76Mbit download and 18Mbit upload out of it. Now that's fast!!!!

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