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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Breaking away from RBC for a primary in Technical; One of my schools is co-sited (50metres from each other) with another school and both heads are wondering if they ...
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    Breaking away from RBC for a primary

    One of my schools is co-sited (50metres from each other) with another school and both heads are wondering if they could save some serious dosh and dump the CLEO internet connection and go with someone else.

    Have any primary schools (particularly) in Lancs broken away and done their own thing and what was the experience like?

    And before anyone (GD ) speaks - you can stick your NEN ....

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    We know of a number of schools that have gone this route but they weren't primary schools. If you can link the schools together quite easily network wise then it certainly could work.

    It will probably come down to the total amount you are paying for the connectivity you get and then getting some quotes from various providers.

    You would just need to check if there were any other services that you can only get if connected to your LA

    We only have experience from the provider side but I sure there are many others here that will be able to help from the school side of things


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    It all depends on what services they use from the LEA, if they already have there own hosting for VLE etc and have there own email its and its a case of filtering and internet then it should be fairly straight forward (I've just done it for a secondary)

    Getting a line into a primary either fibre EFM etc is fairly straight forward and the filtering is easy.

    If they are moving email etc then for a Primary I think Live@edu/Google Apps would be good as removes the need to expensive hardware and support for the systems.

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