I spent days with a few different Versions of Linux Centos 6 & 5 trying to get squid and dans guardian to work with a cache peer , NTLM authentication and Multiple filter groups . It always failed on NTLM

I decided to go the Ubuntu Route , even though im not to keen on it .

I started to configure it this morning , And im now done !

Squid and Dans guardian working .. Check !
Ntlm authentication Check !
Shell script works to add users to filter groups ? Check !
Multiple Bansitelists Check !
traffic forwarding via Cache Peer , Check !

Everything is working Great , so much stress off me now !

Ive even made my own template.html , with a unblock request Button

Now onto testing , to make sure my URLBLACKLIST lists aint blocking nothing good ( well for staff atleast ) .

i think it all boiled down to my squid.conf . So a thank you to Cools on this Thread

Squid and authentication with server 2008 R2

For hes squid.conf