Ther question is in my personal interest only as I'm curious how a system would work.

What I'm interested in is how would you go about setting up a website which can be access in each releavent country as fast as you'd expect to if it was hosted in that country.

lets invent an example, a Website exists overseas in the USA. Users access this site at an average latency of 150ms in the Uk and as expected for a locally hosted site anyware between 10 - 50 ms.

how would you configure a server hosted in the UK to handle traffic for that USA Base website while using the same databases etc. like forums.

my guess is it should be possible which would allow resident of an overseas country to accesss and overseas website as if it was in that country. so we might be talking sql databases. can thoese be dynamically linked in such a way they are synced and the users dont notice the latency delays between the countries.