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    Question Xbox 360, Fireboxes, NAT and the Resident Student

    Hi All,

    Have been struggling with getting xbox live to work for our resident students, after an MTU related error that had nothing to do with the MTU we now have a message that our network is configured with Strict NAT. I can't find any useful info on the net, most of the advice for obvious reasons is targeted at the home user, with their £50 router/firewalls.

    Current Set-up

    Resident VLAN>Transparent Proxy >Firebox OPT > Internet.

    The proxy is a BLoxx device configured in transparent mode, it has NAT and forwards everything but content filters Http

    The firebox has all ports configured to be allowed out that Xbox requires

    The internet is a varied and wonderful place (although with a darker side too)

    Any advice, suggestions etc would be greatly appreciated

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    Have you attempted to connect an XBox to the Firebox? It would make troubleshooting easier if you could determine if it's the proxy, firebox or both that are causing the problem.

    I'd also be surprised if there was not a dynamic range of ports required for online gaming. I'm not an XBox owner, but from setting up various game servers I'm quite amazed just how many ports are required for just one specific game.

    Have you also checked your content filter logs? It could be using http to connect to XBox Live, and a filter rule could be preventing this.

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    I know you've already got all the ports forwarded, but from the list I just found it looks like the 360 does also use TCP port 80 (apparently for loading dashboard feeds and such) - any chance they might be getting redirected under http rules like Shaun says above?

    360 ports:
    * TCP 80
    * UDP 88
    * UDP 3074
    * TCP 3074
    * UDP 53
    * TCP 53

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