I'm sorry if this question has been answered already but I haven't come across a complete answer and am struggling to extrapolate from other posts.

My problem is two fold, first I need to create a PAC file which will use the upstream proxy1.equinoxsolutions.com:80 for all internet browsing with the exception of ‘cachepilot’ (hostname), ’10.x.x.254’ (the cachepilot's IP) & ‘espresso’ which will all use the local cachepilot proxy 10.x.x.254:8000. I also need to add a list of specific IP addresses on the local network which will not use either proxy. There will be two files one for general users and another for admins with a longer list of IP addresses.

The second problem is to adapt this proxy for LGFL2 which will use the same settings but there is no requirement to add an upstream proxy just the local cachepilot for the saved content.

If anyone can tell me how to host this file as a wpad.dat on the cachepilot that would be even better as I could then direct guest devices correctly.

Thanks in advance