I'm trying to update our content on Xibo and thought I'd stick some Webcam feeds in to add a bit of video content but I've hit a bit of a problem. Originally I wanted to take the video link itself and put that into a region in Xibo with some RSS feeds showing various information. However I cant seem to get the direct link to work.

If I load the webpage in IE8 it has prompted me to install the plugin and will show the video embedded in the webpage. But it will not show the video page itself, I get a message to Find or Download the file rather than streaming the video. I get this error message even if I try different webcam livefeeds. So to get round this I thought I could just show the whole webpage (which works in IE) but when Xibo loads it I get the error message that I need to install the ActiveX Camera Control. Any ideas if this is a problem with IE or Xibo?