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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Internet problems - Windows 7 - IE9 - not always loading............ in Technical; Dear All I would really appreciate some advice. I am just the IT teacher but I am pulling my hair ...
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    Internet problems - Windows 7 - IE9 - not always loading............

    Dear All

    I would really appreciate some advice. I am just the IT teacher but I am pulling my hair out. In my school we have Windows 7, and IE 9 - and as with so many ICT teachers I really rely on the web for my lessons (web 2, vle etc). However regullary when my some students log in they
    a. log in fine
    b. can "see their sever areas"
    c. cannot connect to the internet

    While this is going to seem really bizzare I need to get them to close the internet, take out the patch lead from the connetor, and then put it back in and hey presto we have interent

    I am so totally sick and tired of this that I cant even begin to tell you. My network manager shrugs his shoulders and leaves me to it!!

    I have had 2 companies in to look at it
    one said to replace the patch leads - we did that and it was useless
    the other said that its not a network issue as student can see the network

    We have fixed ip addresses - the machines are cloned -we use censornet - I am just trying to give you as much info as I can

    This problem is so random that I can have a group of year 7s in and its all working like dream. Then a year 11 group decends and I need to sort out 6 machines (or vice versa!) its so random!
    I would be enormously grateful for any information you can give me

    Thank you in advance

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    Could it be a policy setting?

    You may need to set up the users/compters to work with IE9 in group policys?

    I may be wrong but have a little look at this --->> Manage Internet Explorer 9 using Group Policy

    Or try installing Firefox on a few computers and see if that helps.. That would say if its a proxy problem.

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    When this happens does it affect all clients in the room or just few/random ones? If you log the user off and login as yourself can you connect to the internet?
    I'd run ipconfig /all and check the configuration is correct and try to ping a server and the outside world such as a website.

    I was thinking the client is losing its IP address and then fixing it's self when you unplug/plug the network lead, however if you can still access internal network resources the IP address should be fine.
    Are you behind a proxy? You could check the proxy settings are correct in internet options.
    Also is this problem only occurring in one specific room? (Maybe a switch related problem)

    Lastly... Of course report the problem following the proper procedure set at your school, but tell your NM how badly this is effecting your lessons and it needs to be looked into ASAP! If he shrugs his shoulders and not willing to help report it to his line manager as he is not doing his job!

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    When we recently had this and it was down to old copies of profiles on the clients, deleting these solved the problem.


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    How many machines have you got on network

    As Intermitent fault Check basics
    As you have static IP addresses are sure there are no IP address conflicts - even with a very small network and static IP addresses it is hard to keep record of what address has been given to what machine. If a Windows domain network could be DNS issue.

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    what auth you using on censornet? How do clients get proxy? Tried a packet dump? Should help narrow it down. Smells like proxy issue to me.

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    I have had this at home, and it was to do with updated network card drivers. I would load up my system and I had to disable then renable the network card to get access to the internet. The solution I found was to delete the network cards from device manager and reboot. Hey presto I have not had to do it again until... Network card driver updates from windows update.

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    had occasional problem with proxies on IE 9 - as a last resort you could go back to IE8 - if you uninstall IE9 from updates (go to programs - uninstall programs - show updates) then after a reboot it will be back to IE8

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    When the problem is happening, what does the network icon near the system tray say? Does it perhaps look something like this:

    The yellow triangle and the "(Unauthenticated)" bit is what I'm referring to.

    If it does look like this when broken, what does it look like on a machine that is working fine?
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