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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Internet activity monitoring in Technical; Hi All Just put in a single broadband connection for staff purposes (our LEA provided connection filters good educational stuff, ...
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    Internet activity monitoring

    Hi All
    Just put in a single broadband connection for staff purposes (our LEA provided connection filters good educational stuff, youtube etc). It will be connected to a single isolated PC but in order to reassure management that it will not be abused I want to generate monthly activity reports showing all activity on that connection. I had asked the ISP (one of the biggies) about producing reports at their level so that if anyone connected wirelessly or connected their own laptop I would still get a report of sites visited, however I was told that it was not possible for them to give me a report of sites visited on that connection! Correct me if I'm wrong but I always believed that ISPs could do this. As it is only a single machine a proxy server does not seem practical. As getting the information from the ISP seems to be a non-starter does anyone know of another solution that would record the sites visited on the connection rather than the machine it is connected to? Thanks

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    ISP can for themselves wether they make any such facility available to the end user is a different matter.

    You need to have a firewall device between your standalone computer and the adsl router running s/w that will allow you to see all sites visited.

    Also disabling the wireless on the router will mean people can't connect wirelessly to your unfiltered internet connection.


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    You could lock the PC down fairly hard, and use one of the many "netnanny" type client-side filters. Most of these log. Or get a router which supports some rudimentary web logging.

    Also turn off wireless, and if you are feeling like a real b--tard hot-glue the cable into the PC and the modem/router (this could leave you down a NIC (or a motherboard if it's onboard) and a DSL router.. )

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    if you like linux then squid and SARG would be a good idea. You can use an old crappy PC with 2 nics to do this easily.

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