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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, dansguardian default no access (everything banned) in Technical; Hello, I have a situation where ipads try to run background connections (ibooks, google maps). I have manged, with help ...
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    dansguardian default no access (everything banned)


    I have a situation where ipads try to run background connections (ibooks, google maps).

    I have manged, with help from people on this forum, to bypass the squid proxy for these connections so i no longer get a authentication popup every few seconds.
    But the connections are then filtered by dansguardian as a banned user as they are not authenticated users.

    I have 2 filter groups, filter1 - no web access, filter2 - filtered

    I am wondering which is the best way to allow the none authenticated user( the access.log file displays username as a hyphen -) access to a couple of urls.

    I am trying to avoid having to set up a full filtering system for users that bypass authentication, its would be nice if i could ban almost all web access, and have one or two exceptions.

    Am guessing this is not possible and I will have to create a new filter with everything blocked... except for a few urls

    Can anyone shed light on this matter?


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    Can't you set the filter1 group to work in a whitelist mode rather than no web access? Then it will only allow them to get to sites you specifically allow.

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    It sounds like you have authentication enabled for both Squid and Dans Guardian. Why not turn it off for Dans Guardian all together? When I was still using DG on my Squid proxies, it would run on port 8080 while doing some basic content filtering, and then pass of connections to Squid running on 3128. Squid would require authentication to go any further after that. For user's web traffic history we would reference the Squid logs.

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