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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Google Mail / Apps in Technical; I am moving our children from RM Easymail to Google Mail. Not moving any data but setting them up fresh ...
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    Google Mail / Apps

    I am moving our children from RM Easymail to Google Mail. Not moving any data but setting them up fresh accounts. The problem is that I have set them to have the main 6 Google Core Suite Apps and set the rest to No on the console however if I log on as a child I can go to Google mail, click on More then download and install other Google Apps that I dont want the children to have access to. Is there anyone out there who uses Google Apps who might be prepared to answer how to remove the more button or stop them being allowed to download these apps as well as some other questions as Google are taking forever to come back to me with answers to any questions I log. I am also trying to download postini but it doesnt show in the list of services I can add. I have to get this done by 18 August as I am planning on taking some leave before they return in September when I must have this up and running.

    Thanks from a desparate Suzie
    Google More screenshot.docx

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    The 'More' button doesn't actually relate to 'Google Apps for Education' - it just links to normal Google software and services. I don't think there is a way of removing it. They would be able to access those sites/services/applications anyway, even if not logged into their Google Apps for Education account.

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