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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, guest access wifi in Technical; Hi We need to put a wireless AP in our meeting room/office lobby for guests to use. Are they any ...
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    guest access wifi


    We need to put a wireless AP in our meeting room/office lobby for guests to use.

    Are they any wireless AP's available that generate some sort of one time usage code as we don't want to have to change the wifi key everytime we have a guest?

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    the best way I've found is plug your ap into a Pfsense box then generate a "Voucher" code and ut a 24 hour limit on it or hoever long suits your needs, we've done this with 1 hour Voucher codes before. Pfsense is a free firewall distro.

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    Whilst the PfSense solution appears to offer some of the required elements and it's "free" integration into existing systems could prove to be more of a challenge that it's really worth.

    If you want a magic bullet and are prepared to pay for it then look at this out of the box solution, it will sit happily alongside your existing systems, proxy, smtp relay and have you up and running in under an hour.


    I've used them in all sorts of locations from campsites to vets large and small sites with or without payment option and it's just about the closest PnP solution I know of they start at about £500 which is not free, but with no need to modify the existing architecture and to be up and running in under an hour it could be ideal for this requirement.
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