we have a Cachepilot at the school I've just started in 2 months ago and I've discovered that the internet is down when one particular server out of 2 is down.

I found out by looking in the admin settings for the cachepilot and there is a page to set the AD server which shocked me a little since it didn't have a slot for a second server.

for alot of reasons I've decided that this particular server that cachepilot points to. needs to be rebuilt and possibly relocated. so now I know this of course I'll changed the config to point to our second server which does most of the IT related services for the school anyway.

I'm writing this from home so I don't have the model or version number but I know it was 5. x possibly 5.2. I was hoping someone might know a little more about cachepilot and any workarounds to point to either server.