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    DansGuardian Vs commercial products

    A primary school that I look after is looking to move away from their current ISP, so in order to give them more options and potentially save money I was considering doing the web filtering on site.

    I've just set up a Ubuntu server running squid/DansGuardian as a test, and had a look at URLBlacklist.com, which seems to offer a very cheap way of keeping your blacklist up to date. So far, the set up is worrking fine, so I was wondering what advantages there would be in using a commercial product? Obviously support would be one feature, but as I'm happy to do this myself, I'm not sure what advantage there would be in paying £1000s per annum apart from having someone else to blame if something bad gets through!

    Any thoughts gratefully received...

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    We looked at just the same solution and it works very well. The problem for our Head was that the buck stops with the school if any naughty sites get through and it gets back to a parent. If we use a commercial offering then we can pass the buck onwards to the supplier.

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