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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Hotmail Problem in Technical; Some of the computers ( Seems to be a specific model laptop ) are having problems accessing hotmail to check ...
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    Hotmail Problem

    Some of the computers ( Seems to be a specific model laptop ) are having problems accessing hotmail to check emails

    The problem is shown in the attached image

    It goes like this

    1) User logs into hotmail (With remember username ticked), checks mails
    2) User closes IE8
    3) User opens IE8, navigates to hotmail but hotmail loads and freezes like on the attached image.

    This problem can be fixed by deleting the tempeory internet files, however this has to be done every time which is an annoyance.
    Here are the steps i've tried to fix the problem

    1) Tried on a different model computer and it works fine (Not ISP blocking)
    2) Tried with full admin rights to ensure nothing is getting blocked
    3) Reinstalled IE8 and problem still exists
    4) Installed FireFox and problem is FIXED. We dont want to be using firefox though
    5) Tried messing with the internet explorer security settings and problem still exists.

    To me it seems to be a problem with IE8, but what? Has anyone came across this before and can give me some ideas of what to try next?

    thanks very much

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    I am having the same problem. I have put live.com in trusted sites, added live.com for popups and tried compatability mode but have not found a fix.

    User can get in but cannot click on link as it just says error at the bottom of the page.

    Has anyone got a gpo way of fixing this.


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    I had this problem, and google eventually showed there is a problem accessing hotmail from behind a proxy - generally, not just schools. The workround is to use https, rather than http. It's worked every time.

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    https works well, but you have to tell it to remember those settings.

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