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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Are Microsoft pulling my leg. MS live@edu support are pants in Technical; Hi Ben, Absolutely - happy to help. It seems you are a veteran, but for others on the forum I ...
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    Hi Ben,
    Absolutely - happy to help.

    It seems you are a veteran, but for others on the forum I would like to point out some helpful resources for Live@edu:

    MEPN for partners contains a lot of helpful resources on SSO, Powershell, ISV, etc.: https://www.mseducommunity.com/Produ...s/default.aspx

    Outlook Live Answers allows you to search for topics: Outlook Live Answers

    Additionally, some support info here: Live@edu Support


  2. Thanks to DamonSun from:

    nadeem (18th February 2011)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayemm View Post
    We use live@edu provided by LA, and I would not suggest using it. Its pants at best!
    What are the problems you have with it?

    I'm intending on moving the whole school to it this summer and in testing its been great so far. Very interested on hearing comments if its not as good as I think

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    I would also like to hear what problems you have - saying it is pants without any specifics. It seems a lot of FE colleges and universities are using it so I can't believe it is that bad?

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    Just checked back on this post as had not got any reminder mails and its moved on a bit.

    My issue has been fixed. Not sure if @edu or Domain host made any changes as I got both involved a few days back but it works and I am happy once more.

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