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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Best 3G Mobile Broadband in Technical; Iv got a laptop with a 3G module in it, so i`m looking at who does the best/cheapest mobile broadband ...
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    Best 3G Mobile Broadband

    Iv got a laptop with a 3G module in it, so i`m looking at who does the best/cheapest mobile broadband for occasional use, my wife has 3 mobile and they seem OK.

    I just wanted to know what experience others have had?

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    not necessarily the cheapest, more what gives best coverage for your area or the area you will use it in.

    I am currently using a 3 Mobile dongle, £15 for 3gb and lasts me a month using normal websites and OH playing farmville. It works fine and is cheaper when going to hotels etc, much cheaper than using their wifi and just as good.

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    I use Orange Mobile Broadband Myself. I pay 5 pound per month for 3GB

    Never have any issues with it to be honest, don't use it very often just went i'm out and about on a train and such.


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    IMOHO, they are all rubbish....
    I have Orange on the phone and O2 on the iPad if I had rate them, both are poor to average...
    Your probably Just as well sticking with your wifes 3 mobile...

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    i think that orange deal is like a contract to get that price isn't it?
    i found 3 was the best for ad hoc, being cheapest and providing good coverage.
    i have a netbook with a 3g slot, but what with other devices occasionally needing access too, like iPhone, MacBook, friends' devices, i think getting a mifi is a much better idea. Slips into your pocket and share with up to 5 devices, but i think actually it's many more.
    robk had one at bett it was awesome. picked it up for 50 quid with 3GB too.
    plus if you go via the right shop / moneysaving link you could earn some cashback too. worth checking Money Saving Expert: Consumer Revenge - Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more for both best deals and best places for cashback. i think topcashback with carphonewarehouse gives a good deal, but that was a few months back.

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