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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Reverse DNS Stub zones in Technical; Hi there, We have two doamins on site on seperate subnets. In the DNS of each is a forward looking ...
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    Reverse DNS Stub zones

    Hi there,

    We have two doamins on site on seperate subnets. In the DNS of each is a forward looking stub zone to the other domain. I have some software that, as part of it’s domain verification process, performs a reverse DNS lookup of the IP however as it’s on the Domain A this check fails when it tries to contact Domain B as there is no reverse lookup zone for the Domain B network range in the DNS of Domain A (and vice versa but that doens't matter)

    Thus I need to know, can I create a stub zone in the reverse lookup zones? Is it as easy as right clicking on the “reverse lookup zones” folder in DNS in Domain A (Win2K8R2), selecting “New Zone” then “Stub zone” and following the wizard?

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    Actually a forward and reverse zone are exactly the same, it's only windoze that calls them differently... just follow the menus.

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