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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Email Policy in Technical; within your E-mail policy do you explicitely require staff to use their school address for school use? I know some ...
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    Email Policy

    within your E-mail policy do you explicitely require staff to use their school address for school use?

    I know some staff here forward their E-mail onto blackberries and external sites which I put up with becuase up until very recently we had no external access. Now we do I'm wondering if the policy should be altered. I suspect a couple of staff may use there own on occasion and I'm just wondering if for the good of the organisation, tightening up the policy might be an idea.

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    Yes, the e-safety people here got quite hot on this last year, the stated reasons being:

    - attempting to keep school information/data 'in house' as much as possible
    - ensuring that all staff email communications are logged - this is sold as a benefit to the staff, not as a big brother thing (though how it's perceived I don't know!)

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    Yes. Accountability, confidentiality, being able to work out the status of "X" if long-term sick, plus the usual WSPTOTC reasons.

    Suppliers are told we won't honour any orders that don't come from school addresses and they ship goods at their peril.

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