Hi Guys,

I am a newbie to powershell so i want to do some the following in powershell

We have created all our Student Users into outlook Live and i have set a couple of CustomAttribs as discribed in howto sections.

Q1 Firstly Can you create a Powershell that asks for a Variable/filter that way i do not have to create seperate powershell scripts to do same thing on different users.

Q2 How do i export certain users in powershell based on a value in Customattrib I have set the first Custobattrib with there year Group Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 etc but i want to just export all users with the Custom Year 8 for example.

q3 Simular to above but if i want to disable/delete users based on the same variable again what is the powershell script.

Q4 We have setup the Student Email domain as a Tennet off our main domain how do i disable the students.hilbre.wirral.sch.uk IM chat without disabling the Staff Chat at hilbre.wirral.sch.uk