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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, google postini incoming email in Technical; Hi, We have recently turned on postini filtering for google apps education, and we want to set it up so ...
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    google postini incoming email


    We have recently turned on postini filtering for google apps education, and we want to set it up so that a org unit of children can only send and recive emails from with in there school domain. So that they can only email teachers and students there as well as only recive from teachers and students.

    There is an option for approved senders and blocked senders but after a test this dosnt work the way i expected.

    In the approved senders I (can) put the school domain, ( expecting all other domains to be blocked) but i can still get emails from hotmail ect. The only way around it I can see is to all every other domain to the blocked list, which could be very time consuming. Am i missing somthing obviouse here??


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    You can do this from google apps now, without postini:

    New email delivery controls for Google Apps Administrators
    Posted: 05 Jan 2011 05:07 PM PST

    Google Apps administrators can now create policies specifying who their users can communicate with over email, and administrators can tailor these policies for different groups of users.

    For example, school faculty and staff can have unrestricted email access while students have the freedom to send and receive emails within the school community but are protected from unwanted email interactions with outsiders.

    Editions included:
    Google Apps for Business, Government and Education

    Languages included:
    US English Only (Next Generation Control Panel)

    How to access what's new:
    In the administrator control panel, select ‘Advanced tools’ and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the new option ‘Restrict email delivery’. To restrict email to just within the domain, administrators will still need to add the domain name here.

    Official Google Enterprise Blog: Creating a safer email environment

  3. Thanks to CyberNerd from:

    MattDLEA (6th January 2011)

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