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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, ISA Server 2006 - open port 8443 in Technical; Hi guys This is actually a follow on from a previous post. I was initially trying to fathom out whether ...
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    ISA Server 2006 - open port 8443

    Hi guys

    This is actually a follow on from a previous post. I was initially trying to fathom out whether my port 8443 was open or not. I have now established it isnt and that to rectify it I need to set up an access rule on our ISA Server (2006). Unfortunately I have no experience with ISA servers. What I have done is copy a very very similar rule and slightly modified it but by using more luck than judgement.

    I have googled and googled for a straight-forward guide on how to do this (possibly no such thing exists) but cannot find anything. Does anyone have any kind of guidance or know where to look for such instructions?

    To place this in context - I am trying to connect Fronter (VLE) to Serco ePortal via the API. For the API to work, ports 443 and 8443 must be accessible. 443 is already set up (for access to eportal from home) but I still need 8443 to be configured correctly.

    I did wonder if there was another school out there with the same combination of software that had this exact issue and may be able to advise.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Is is the case that users behind the isa can't get to the eportal or are you trying to publish (i.e. make services available from your school) to outside world?

    If your users behind the isa server can't access the site then you need to extend the SSL tunnel port range. 443 should already be done.

    Have a look at the link below for more info, including a tool you can download to do this.

    Port 8443 blocked


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