Hi all,

i've been trying on and off for a while trying to get this to work but keep giving up as i just cant get my head around it - i'm back to trying again now and looking for some help in my quest...

first a bit of background

we have a sharepoint site (with SLG) that is accessible via our website on a seperate public IP - authentication is by basic authentication.

we have a Sonicwall firewall that does all the NATing, firewall features, security etc

we also have an ISA sever onsite with one NIC that we use as a proxy server.

how can i get our sharepoint site to use FBA via the ISA? my thinking is

sharepoint site (External)-> Firewall -> ISA Server ->sharepoint site (internal)

if im correct how should i configure? allow the firewall on the external address NATed to the ISA? then NAT on ISA to the internal sharepoint site?

help would be great...its been killing me since last Jan!