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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, IMAP over SSL in Technical; I'm looking into opening up the IMAP ports on my mail server so that devices like blackberries can use it. ...
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    IMAP over SSL

    I'm looking into opening up the IMAP ports on my mail server so that devices like blackberries can use it. Is it very bad if I don't run it over SSL? i.e. is everyone else quite happily running it normally. I realise that I probably should run it over SSL and it would be more secure but I'm wondering if, in general, people are NOT using IMAP over SSL.

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    I am looking at doing the same thing but opening ssh port 22 it is more secure as it provides you with authentication and encryption, bare in mind ssh version1 does not provide encryption where as ssh version 2 does. Im trying to config static nat on our pix firewall, havnt got a clue on what command I am supposed to enter as it is different for the routers.

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    Blackberry Enterprise Express server is now free its a bit of a pain to setup but gives you full exchange integration asuming that you are using exchange of course.

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