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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, I need to give reasons to move to 100 Meg internet feed from 10 Meg to my SMT in Technical; ...
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    I need to give reasons to move to 100 Meg internet feed from 10 Meg to my SMT

    I have been asked to write up the reaons why we should move from our current 10 meg Local authority feed to their 100 meg offering. The cost difference is approx £4000 annually so I need to knock up a document explaing why we should do this.
    Now obviously I want it but can anyone suggest any key words or phrases I could put in my document?


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    Ask your LA network helldesk for a copy of the mrtg/Cacti graphs for your pipe at peak times. They should have some already, but if not ask them to look at it for a week and email you the graphs. If you're consistently maxing out the connection, there's your reasoning.

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    for longer term planning you could plot general home ADSL bandwidth over the last few years. IIRC (in my area) it was around 512kb in 2001 2Mb/s in 2005 and 8Mb/s in 2010. extrapolate that to the new govt figures of 50Mb/s (now in some areas) or by 2014. Now show the amount of bandwidth the school has grown by over the last few years and combine with the data you have from your current usage from your firewall/routers.

    edit: hoping your head teacher was trained as a scientist

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