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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, access ftp server from public network in Technical; I have created a ftp server in my local network , locally i can access it but i wann to ...
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    access ftp server from public network

    I have created a ftp server in my local network , locally i can access it but i wann to access it from my home to download some files . i am using smoothwall advance firewall in my network and a static public ip . i have done the portforwarding in smoothwall and also in my adsl router+modem . but still am not able to access it dont know where i have done mistake .
    kindly help me ...
    thanks in Advance .

    portforwarding in firewall :--

    Protocol: TCP/IP External IP or network (blank for "ALL"): ALL
    Source IP: DEFAULT Source service: ftp (21)
    Destination IP: Destination service: ftp(21)

    ftp server is kept in my lan not in DMZ

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    You probably need to learn about FTP's active and passive modes.

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    Hm. You can't access it at all, or file transfers fail?
    If it's the latter then try issuing the PASV command in your ftp client, and take the advice of senor monkey up there.
    If it's the former... well, lets make sure your config is sane.. use the diagnostich checks in AF to make sure it can see the port you are forwarding to. Also make sure you are using the right address form outside the firewall.

    Another option would be to abandon the port forward and use up one of your options of VPN on the firewall - that would be more secure.

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