Hi Guys,
Hope someone can help

We have just moved over to Live@edu to provide all or email needs to staff and pupils.
I have been impressed so far but have hit a bit of a problem

Problem: We have a feedback form that parents can fill in online it then submits that form to an email address feedback@hilbre.*.*.*.

The form is hosted on our IIS server so when we turn off out in house email system we lost our smtp sever.

I know there is an smtp server option in iis6 but i cannot find out anywhere how best to setup up the smtp server.

IE what details i need to put in where.
Live@edu seems to require authentation which is fine but i can not see where to enter this detail.

Can any offer any guides on how to do it. OR offer any other solutions to having an form emailed to a email address is there such a thing anymore as a freee open smtp servers.