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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, TMG 2010 Proxy Authentication in Technical; It has finally got to the stage where I wish to enable proxy authentication on our TMG 2010 box. We ...
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    TMG 2010 Proxy Authentication

    It has finally got to the stage where I wish to enable proxy authentication on our TMG 2010 box. We historically have never had authentication for web access, and also have never logged any access info either.

    As part of our plan to be able to better see what kids are up to at a local level, I wish to enable authentication and logging so that I can pull up a nice log and see that joebloggs accessed http://naughtysite.com at 12:35 etc...

    Problem is, I do not wish for the pupils or staff to have to enter any form of login details to do this. We currently use internet explorer everywhere so I am assuming it can handle simple passthrough NTLM integrated authentication.

    So, could someone give me some pointers on how to set this up? I gather that in my web access policy, I need to change the Users for the web rule to 'All Authenticated Users' rather than 'All Users', but as it stands the logs only show 'anonymous' still, and therefore, block the connections.

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    is that TMG box joined to your domain ? IF so it should work by default.
    Also check your internal network properties (Networking) and check the webproxy tab. web proxy clients should be enabled and the authentication should be integrated mode.


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