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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, ruckus guest wireless in Technical; Is it possible to set up ruckus to run a guest ssid and have it push a proxy for those ...
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    ruckus guest wireless

    Is it possible to set up ruckus to run a guest ssid and have it push a proxy for those that connect to it? So that they get minimal access (we have a proxy which has hotmail, yahoo mail, youtube etc all filtered).

    Is it doable? If so, how?

    Bare in mind that until my purchase order gets signed off I do not have the latest software or firmware.

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    It is possible, yes. However, from the brief look at it that I had you use ACLs to block the rest of your network off. So, your proxy needs to be in a segment of the network which is still allowed, and if you want proxy details being pushed out, I'd say you need that proxy to be a transparent one, being pushed out as the IP gateway from the DHCP server.

    Or, I may have got it mixed up. Pretty sure I haven't though.

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    Or you could implment it with VLANs (to keep it from the rest of your network) and some extra kit to do the proxy pushing bit - I know the current version of Ruckus doesn't yet have the automatic proxy stuff itself (coming apparently).

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