Hello, I have this strange issue with my router, where whenever I try to port forward, it actually blocks the ports. It all started with a videogame that required a certain number of ports to be forwarded to my gaming computer. Well, I followed the guide at PortForward dot com, and in the end used their tool to verify if the ports were open, but all the ports appeared to be closed. And this has gone on and on with various other programs and games.

By reversing the process, and completely deactivating the port forwarding, the port checker got some positives, about 60% of the times.

Currently the router is on DHCP, reserving ip's by MAC, and I'm using a static on the gaming comp, however I read a bit of link470s post on [www dot edugeek dot net/forums/networks/14235-d-link-dir-655-router-port-forwarding-virtual-server dot html] and none of the symptoms occur as far as I can tell.

some just see an IP conflict and end up with either a valid address but no connectivity, or an APIPA 169.254.x.x address
i'm going to activate DHCP on my gaming comp, but if that doesn't make port forwarding work I'm all out of ideas.

Thanks for your time,