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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Speculative Prices? in Technical; I'm doing some 'back of fag paper' costing on changing our broadband provision. This is nothing at all serious at ...
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    Speculative Prices?

    I'm doing some 'back of fag paper' costing on changing our broadband provision. This is nothing at all serious at the moment and nothing is likely to happen this side of April, if not April 2012 (if at all).

    How ever I do need some guesstimates in the right ball park in order to be able to put the case forward to our SLT for looking at broadband.

    Can someone from Smoothwall PM me with some basic ideas of edu prices?

    I've been looking at the website and I think either the UTM-100 or the UTM-1000 is the right product. Just need a basic idea on price for these two and SmoothGuardian web filter licenses.

    Many Thanks


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    There is a big difference in spec and features of the UTM-100 and UTM-1000 I would advise that you just give them a buzz on the phone and have a chat to them and just say your doing those style calculations and I am sure they will be more than happy to assist you with the info you need and to help you on the spec.

    The UTM may be more than you need and you could get away with it as a software solution or one of the other appliances they do

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