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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Virus send via emails, who's responsible? in Technical; A local school has just started putting at the end of there emails 'It is your responsibility to scan this ...
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    Virus send via emails, who's responsible?

    A local school has just started putting at the end of there emails 'It is your responsibility to scan this message for viruses'.

    If you receive a email, legally who is liable for the virus? The sender for sending the virus or the receiver for not scanning it? Is this something my schools should look into doing?

    Cheers Dsquared2

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    To be honest regardless of whether the sender virus scans the email you cannot guarantee that they will have detected anything so I always prefer to scan incoming email myself also.

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    Legally, unless a person has purposely installed a virus onto the network, I doubt anyone is liable. As Edu-IT has said above, any virus can be missed when scanned.

    I would just go down the route of educating people to check any emails before they open them.

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    I would have to say the person who creates the virus, or you could go after Microsoft for making their OS less than secure.

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    If you distro a virus knowingly or not I think you would be liable tbh although unlikely anything would happen.
    Generally email disclaimers are worthless and absolve the organisation of nothing I believe.

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    I think the disclaiimers probably are worthless in the eyes of the law, but I doubt they've actually been tersted in a court of law in this country.

    <ost organisations (including schools) have a disclaimer of some sort telling you that the email will have been scanned for viruses by their AV system, and if you do get an infection, particularly if attachments are not scanned by another AV on opening, then the sender will not accept repsonsibility.

    The disclaimer usually adds that the email is intended for a particular recipient and if it's been received in error who you should notify.

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