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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, ISA Server, Port Forwarding in Technical; Hi, We currently have a trial version of TASC Insight, a parent portal that links to SIMS and then parents ...
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    ISA Server, Port Forwarding


    We currently have a trial version of TASC Insight, a parent portal that links to SIMS and then parents can see exactly what their kids have been upto in school, exam results, attendance and so on.

    The program uses IIS, and is installed on our SQL server, as that is the most logical place for it. The website has been created, and localll on the LAN it runs fine. My problem is when we are trying to get it set up to work externally. I need to forward port 1590 to the SQL server through our ISA server however I am having trouble setting up the rules? Basically what we want is either to be able to go to www.insight.stockport-academy.org, or to browse to the IP, eg http://externalip:1590. I'm guessing this is fairly straight forward, but I'm struggling to get it up and running.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    p.s Did I mention this has to be up and running within the next couple of days :-)

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    Sounds like you need to create a web listener that will listen on port 80, then create a web server publishing rule that uses the listener.

    Then in the Bridging options of the web publishing rule, set it to forward the requests to port 1590 on the SQL server

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    So, You want to be able to browse to a site that uses that port? not just allow data to be sent/received from External > Server ?

    If you just want data to be received/sent on that port then you need to just do the following

    - Open Firewall Policy
    - Create New Server Publishing Rule
    - Specify Server IP Address (SQL Server)
    - Select Protocol if Listed, Or Create a Custom One
    - Listen for Requests (External)

    You should already have a rule to allow all outbound traffic.

    ^ That will just allow data to be received on that port ^

    If you wish to browse to the site, then just create a new web listener and server website publishing rule as specified above. When creating the web listener just specify that port rather than 80.


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