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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, google chrome MSI in Technical; Google have released an MSI for Chrome browser to allow network installs Chrome Browser MSI Now Available | thechromesource - ...
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    google chrome MSI

    Google have released an MSI for Chrome browser to allow network installs

    Chrome Browser MSI Now Available | thechromesource - Google Chrome and Chrome OS News and Resources

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    It's about time Google released an MSI for Chrome which enables you to easily install it to the Program Files folder. However, like almost all of Google's "enterprise" apps, this MSI is merely a wrapper around the EXE.

    For anyone thinking of deploying it, there are ADM & ADMX files available here which allow you to control some of Chrome's settings via Group Policy e.g. default homepage, proxy server, and so on. It also provides the ability to blacklist specific extensions. ProxiFinder would be a good one to do because it enables students to easily bypass the schools filters.

    It's also worth mentioning that if you have any users who already have Chrome installed in their profile folder, they will lose their settings, extensions, browsing history, plug-in settings and the last browsing session when you install Chrome via this MSI.

    Another annoying thing I noticed when I tested this is that the first time you run Chrome using the shortcut the installer creates on the start menu, it automatically creates another shortcut on the desktop. I hate programs which clutter up your desktop.
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    Anyone tried using this yet? I've tested deploying it using GPO to a few machines but it just hangs on bootup with "installing chrome" which is slightly annoying...

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    would you believe it, blocked by smart filter, guess i'll have to download it at home to use at work.

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    Re use this this thread as it looks like thay have rehashed it and now launched the release of the Chrome MSI.
    "We’ve created an MSI installer that enables businesses who use standard deployment tools to install Chrome for all their managed users. We’ve also added support for managed group policy with a list of policies and a set of templates that allow administrators to easily customize browser settings to manage security and privacy"

    Official Google Enterprise Blog: Chrome is Ready for Business

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