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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Comments on/experience with Easynet Connect? in Technical; As part of our upgrades this year we should finally be migrating away from the ADSL Max connection that currently ...
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    Comments on/experience with Easynet Connect?

    As part of our upgrades this year we should finally be migrating away from the ADSL Max connection that currently serves all 135 workstations on site.

    One of the options that I am looking into is the EtherStream product from Easynet Connect. The prices I've had from them are competitive and for our needs it looks like a good alternative to the leased line products I've looked at from the likes of BT and Zen. Does anyone have experience with this product or the company and can give any comments on it, good or bad?

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    In my previous school (upto April 2010), i had Easynet providing a 10MB line which served 325 workstations and 150 laptops. During this time we never lost service but were covered by a backup ADSL line just in case. In all the time, i never had any complaints of any speed issues for upload/download and could never fault the service. Engineers on the other end of the phone were always pleased to help and were able to make all changes that we requested, given a good reason!

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