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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Smoothwall iPad and Apps in Technical; Originally Posted by tom_newton there are fixes in the works later this month for itunes and the Youtube application. Both ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tom_newton View Post
    there are fixes in the works later this month for itunes and the Youtube application. Both are workarounds for ipad idiosyncrasies. Am on holiday right now but my colleagues in presales or support will supply further info if asked!


    What's the official state of play/support regarding iOS, apps and Smoothwall? Oh, and Kindle + Smoothwall? And Android + Smoothwall?

    My horrible lot are eyeing up fondleslabs atm and I want to set their expectations accurately.

    AFAICT, I have to

    a) use transparent auth
    b) set the SW as the gateway for fondleslab clients (dhcp, not an issue)

    What I'm unsure about is how to:

    c) Redirect anything that attempts to use non-standard ports
    d) Log failures somewhere.

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    ipad: there's a browser app which redirects web traffic for external use. Internally - transparent proxy ok, you need to whitelist itunes and some youtube urls
    android: transparent proxy generally ok - no known issues
    kindle: argh, this is not a web device, needs to go directly thru firewall atm

    redirecting nonstandard ports would be pretty tough - thankfully it does not seem to be needed. Failures would be logged on firewall.

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