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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Why doesn't this work in IE8? in Technical; The following page works fine on Opera, but doesn't on IE8 on our network where only the title shows (see ...
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    Post Why doesn't this work in IE8?

    The following page works fine on Opera, but doesn't on IE8 on our network where only the title shows (see thumbnails). Any suggestions as to which security settings are causing it? It's in the trusted sites with security set to "Low" and the damn thing still doesn't render. We've got several of these - they were done last year when we were on IE6 (they were fine then) and are just being sent to the moderator. Our Head of ICT was a little distressed when she opened them up after burning to CD and found them "empty"!

    I was hoping to paste the whole html code into a "code box" - but it made this post too long the .zip file attached to this message contains the html.

    Edit: Replaced the .zip of just the html to the whole folder containing the images and other bits
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    On line 128 of Publications.htm, you have a <![if pub11]> condition tag that has no closing tag, and therefore encloses the entire rest of the document. I'm not sure what this conditional is testing for, but it is always evaluating to false, so the entire rest fo the document is being omitted.

    I suspect this tag was inserted by the Office program the page was originally generated by (Publisher?) and since it is not standard HTML, everything apart from IE ignores it. IE6 probably ignores it as well by being too old.

    Long story short: remove line 128.

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