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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Port 1935... Top traffic? in Technical; I looked at my firewalls logs and noticed that port 1935 (an adobe port from what I got from google) ...
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    Port 1935... Top traffic?

    I looked at my firewalls logs and noticed that port 1935 (an adobe port from what I got from google) is not only #1, but #1 by leaps and bounds.

    1: TCP Port 1935 (6,1935) 817 MBytes
    2: Send E-Mail (SMTP) (6,25) 64 MBytes
    3: Web (HTTP) (6,80) 60 MBytes

    Anybody know what else this port could be used for as default?

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    I noticed this morning that adobe popped up saying there us an update available, how many clients do you have? each could be downloading a few mb each causing it to appear at the top of the list.

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    IIRC that port is used by Adobe's Real time Messaging Protocol Real Time Messaging Protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which is used for streaming flash audio and video on youtube and the like.

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