I was wandering if anyone had any similar experiences to this & if so how is it fixed?:
We have a UTM-1000 providing our Firewall & Proxy Services. I have just installed a vSphere Environment and am in the process of rolling it out using both internal clients and web portal clients for staff remote access. If I have the internal server configuration st to direct connect then the internal clients for the students can connect but the external connections do not work (An error in the View Log stating that the broker had disconnected). If I disable the direct connect option in the View Server Configuration then the external connections work but the internal connections for the students do not. The internal connections work for our staff who have almost unctrolled access to the web via the UTM. I have setup a rule in the UTM filters to allow all traffice to the UTM. I have setup the proxy configuration in the UTM Proxy settings as well as the GPO which controls the students to bypass the UTM by ip address & FQDN. None of these work.

If I select the Transparent Proxy option in the UTM then the student access works but they have unfiltered web access.

The long and short of it is that I need to have both internal and external access to work whilst keeping the students controlled via the proxy.

Any ideas?
I will post in the Smoothwall forum as well as I am unsure if it is a Smoothwall issue or Vmware issue.