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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Forcing maintenance hardware drive check on reboot... in Technical; Edit: (This is in this section because it's Smoothwall - I wish I'd have made that obvious via the title ...
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    Forcing maintenance hardware drive check on reboot...

    Edit: (This is in this section because it's Smoothwall - I wish I'd have made that obvious via the title - sorry.)

    I just made the mistake of installing updates and rebooting Smoothwall (which normally happens really fast, so I can schedule it into a break-time).

    Unfortunately I didn't count on this time being the time the file system would decide to check itself...

    Is there anyway to force a reboot and file system check - that I could schedule at weekends - on Smoothwall Network Guardian?

    (I know I can schedule updates for the weekend - but I'd like to make sure that if I ever need to reboot off-schedule, that I didn't have to chew my fingers down to stubs waiting for it to come back up.)


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    Y'know it (unless the SW folks have set another default) usually only checks every 30 mounts? (usually a reboot). So assuming you schedule a reboot every Saturday (or whenever), the disk check is most likely to happen on a weekend.

    tune2fs (say tune2fs -i 1w) would allow you to configure it on a normal Linux box, but SW is a bit customised so I'd raise a ticket asking how best to implement it so it's persistent.

    Slinging an empty file called fastboot in the root (of a normal Linux box) will abort any pending disk check (only once though) on reboot.

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