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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Elluminate Live connection issues in Technical; Hi I am currently trying to get elluminate live! ( Support :: Elluminate ) to connect through the swgfl and ...
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    Elluminate Live connection issues


    I am currently trying to get elluminate live! (Support :: Elluminate) to connect through the swgfl and failing miserably!

    It fires up a java app that tries to connect to it's own server and looks as if it's using the proxy but it fails to connect.

    I set the proxy in my browser, java and the elluminate program itself but it still timeouts when trying to connect. Anyone got round this issue?


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    Having the same issue here, but only on certain laptops. I can connect a view videos, i can log in on a newly rebuilt laptop as a teacher and view videos, but the entire maths department cannot with the same error you are getting. I would love to get to the bottom of it, but have not yet

    Sort of solved it here. The teachers here have a .pac file added to block certain websites and to detect if they are on the school network or at home so that it can apply the proxy or not. No idea why, but removing the pac file allows elluminate to work. Now i just need to find out why...
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