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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Legal / filtering implications of Digital Economy bill in Technical; Originally Posted by localzuk I don't think that way of reading it would be legal and in line with Human ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by localzuk View Post
    I don't think that way of reading it would be legal and in line with Human Rights legislation. ie. group punishment for one person's actions.
    That's certainly the way it was being discussed in the commons last night. I've forgotten the name of the MP but he was pointing out that it was madness that his entire household could be blocked because one of his teenage children did something wrong.

    He may also have misunderstood what was going on; he was talking about changing "ISP" and "email address" as if they were the same thing (and I know that for many people they are - they have email addresses from their ISP and can never change!)

    He also raised the issue of what happens if a "banned person" goes to Starbucks etc and uses their internet - how can that be managed/monitored? Do you have to show proof of ID before you buy your morning latte??

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    From my understanding, connections aren't disconnected at the drop of a hat - technical measures (e.g. disconnecting someone) are a last resort, after numerous letters have been sent to the owner of said connection informing them an alleged copyright infringement has taken place.

    I watched the debate in the House of Commons with great interest, and only a handful of MPs showed any sign of understanding of the issues at hand (Tom Watson and Austin Mitchell). It has been rushed through without it being understood or its finer implications investigated; yet nearly 200 MPs agreed with its passing. It's disgraceful, when one of the MPs, Stephen Timms, thinks IP address means 'Intellectual Property' - http://i.imgur.com/1pXlO.jpg

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    Some of them don't even understand copyright law, even those opposed to the bill. In his argument against, one MP used the example that we don't prosecute schools for the crime of photocopying chapters of textbooks, therefore we shouldn't pursue people for copying MP3s. As those here will probably know, schools aren't prosecuted for that copying because it's covered by a CLA licence and isn't a crime!

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    If anyone wants to read more:
    Digital Economy Bill

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