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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Exchange 2003/2007 in Technical; I apologise for the vague title - but I wasn't sure quite how to word it. I'm trying to gain ...
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    Cool Exchange 2003/2007

    I apologise for the vague title - but I wasn't sure quite how to word it.

    I'm trying to gain practical and useful experience in Exchange 2003/2007 in order to act as a good foundation for undertaking the MCSE: Messaging extension certification (I already have the MCSE).

    Unfortunately the school doesn't use Exchange as it's provided by our LA.
    So my question is - where should I start?

    Are there any websites that give simple information on Exchange 2003/2007 - or perhaps something that gives you exercises in how to learn more about Exchange through doing things with it?

    I can't set it up in the school as we have no plans to host it ourselves but I want to pursue the Exchange certification tracks (as I'm already looking at the Security tracks).

    I know many of you run Exchange in your schools - but where did you start?
    Normally I'd simply build a server, connect it up and have a play - but Exchange (like AD) is one of those things that you may not experience all kinds of things without a user-base who use it regularly.

    Any thoughts?


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    One of the best resources is Microsoft Exchange Server Resource Site: Articles & Tutorials. Get an eval version, set it up for basic communication, then explore/play. I would recommend running it in a virtual environment that you can snapshot so if you break something you can quickly recover. You may want to make a test domain as well and can be on the same server although in production it's not best practice.

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    Yep, get the eval version. If you need a Windows Server, I suggest setting up a virtual machine in VMWare Workstation, if you have it, and use the checkpoints!

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