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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Filtering Policy Come Back in Technical; Hi, At present we have filtering with our ISP. If someone manages to get onto something, its down to the ...
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    Filtering Policy Come Back

    At present we have filtering with our ISP. If someone manages to get onto something, its down to the ISP for not filtering correctly.
    Obviously if we change to filtering in house and someone gets through to something the problem then lies with us as a school.
    How do you get round the come-back. Write a policy stating what happens if someone does get through etc ??

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    We use ISP-level filtering as well, and still include a line in our AUP saying that while reasonable steps are taken, we don't promise the Internet access to be sanitised and it is down to parents to speak to their children about appropriate responses to anything which they see online (although we do also tell the students to inform their teacher or me if they see something which has slipped through). This covers us if someone sees something they shouldn't, and also goes some way to address the issue of one person not liking an image which others might deem acceptable (as proven here, there really is no accounting for what might upset an individual!).

    If we moved our filtering in-house, or upgrade to a level where we also have control over it, I would have thought the statement we already have would be sufficient.

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    Tony posted about this recently:

    Smoothwall and LA filtering

    Essentially, the governers have to agree to take on responsibility and understand what they're agreeing to and you have to get your policies and procedures documented and approved by SMT/Governers.

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