OK a bit of a double barrelled problem here.

On Eclipse.net, our librarian randomly gets the "Do you want to download this file?" occasionally when visiting the Circulate page. It runs on an internally hosted IIS server. Unfortunately this all I know of how Eclipse was set up.

In a completely unrelated incident, I also have a webserver running Apache2 on Ubuntu and when trying to visit EduGeek.net it comes up "Do you want to download this file?" instead of showing index.php or index.html (previously index.html worked showing the default page, now it doesn't). Annoyingly, this works for default pages in subfolders (so visiting http://servername/subfolder/ shows a default page without having to type in index.php). The files are held in /var/www/ and /var/www/subfolder respectively on the server. I also have that apache2-php5-mod package installed and running.

Any idea What causes these problems and how to fix them? I may be expanding use of the webserver at some point and need it to work.