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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, ADSL24 Change Supplier in Technical; Just got this today.. We are pleased to announce that in the near future ADSL24 will be changing its underlying ...
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    ADSL24 Change Supplier

    Just got this today..

    We are pleased to announce that in the near future ADSL24 will be changing its underlying broadband supplier. We aim to further improve the service we provide by taking responsibility for billing you directly and providing a 24/7 UK technical support team. To that end we need to provide you with some important information.

    Why are we changing our underlying broadband supplier?
    We have partnered with Entanet since June 2006 to provide a wide range of packaged broadband products to our customers, with Entanet providing customer and technical support as well as undertaking responsibility for billing our customers. Since this time we have benefitted from a successful relationship which has enabled us to grow our customer base and become recognised as a leading and proactive ISP.

    In late 2009 we and Entanet discussed our ambitions for ADSL24 and the options for growing our business further. Despite our involvement in helping to develop Entanet's current products, we need to be able to attain greater commercial flexibility on the business front, and improve the service quality on the customer front. Unfortunately Entanet is currently unable to help us achieve this in a way that would be economically viable for either party without the risk of adversely affecting customer service further. As a consequence we decided to seek a new supplier relationship, one which we have been developing, implementing and improving over the past six months behind the scenes.

    We have already switched over a batch of trialists with great success, comfirming to us that this is the best move forward for ADSL24 and our customers alike. Our aim is to improve speeds, reliability and ultimately the service we provide to you, and we believe our new supplier can help us achieve this.

    What are we doing and when?
    From late February/early March 2010 we will begin switching existing customers over to our new supplier, aiming to complete the switch by the end of March 2010. We will contact you in early February with your planned date, but up until then nothing will change.

    Will the packages change?
    No, all packages will remain similar to avoid any confusion or the need for you to worry about any significant changes. As a bonus, prices will also decrease slightly for some packages. The peak and off-peak times remain the same, as does the monthly usage allowance. Similarly, it's still a 1 month contract, free migration and 24/7 UK technical support. Your web space and e-mail will be unaffected as we already run this in-house, separate from Entanet.

    What do you need to do now?
    As we are taking on the responsibility for billing you directly, we will require you to set up a Card Authority or Direct Debit for your ongoing service before your scheduled switchover date. This is required because previously, Entanet handled the billing on our behalf, and this will no longer be the case when we switch to our new supplier. The benefit of this is that you will soon have a single point of contact for all your sales, customer service, billing and support needs - making it easier for you to contact us whatever your query - without being forwarded on to our supplier.

    You can login to the new billing site at https://adsl24.co.uk/billing/ - simply use your e-mail address and your existing ADSL24 password to log in. Once logged in, you can set up a Debit/Credit card by clicking on "My Details > Change Card Details". After we have switched you over, you can then set up Direct Debit should you wish by clicking on the "Direct Debit" link on the navigation menu. Don't worry, no payments will be taken until the service is switched over and your Entanet billing is ceased.

    If you are unable to log in simply let us know by replying to this e-mail and we will promptly fix the issue.

    More details will follow soon with more specific information with regards to new package prices, IP address information etc.

    In the meantime, we appreciate there may be some questions, so please reply to this e-mail with any that come to mind. We will publish a list of the most popular questions on our site and in a follow up e-mail to ensure you are kept fully up to date. Please note that Entanet's Customer Service and/or Technical Support teams will not be able to offer any further information, and as such please do not need to contact them directly.

    Who are the new underlying supplier?
    Murphx are a leading wholesale ISP who have a reliable, resilient infrastructure to ensure excellent service quality and dependability for customers.

    This, coupled with their in-house developed systems and highly skilled staff ensures Murphx are firmly positioned as one of the few genuinely Pan European wholesale ISP in today's market.

    Murphx recently won ISP of the Year 2009 at the Comms Business Awards and are currently ranked the 5th fastest growing internet service provider by Plimsoll independent research.

    We are confident that ADSL24's new partnership will be able to provide everything you expect from a broadband supplier and continue to do so for years to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by russdev View Post
    Just got this today..
    Yup got it too. Have to say I'm not suprised. If you read their forums and the issues Entanet has been having (not really affected me) I am not surprised.

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    Damn, I'm with ADSL24 i use a massive amount of bandwidth so I get the office 45 package. I love my torrents (Linux Distros rule and they run 8 till 8. Will the service change in anyway do we know?

    ISPs like Virgin, BT, Tiscali. Report supposed copyright infringement thus violating all kinds of privacy laws but they go unchallenged. I don't wish to support a company that thinks this kind of practise is acceptable.

    Will ADSL24 go the same way?

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