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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, What Web Filtering Software does everyone use? in Technical; Originally Posted by Grommit We use smoothwall very good but have some issues with it... i mean how does a ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grommit View Post
    We use smoothwall very good but have some issues with it... i mean how does a obvious game sites get through their filtering ?!?

    ie: HELICOPTER GAME | PLAY HELICOPTER GAME .......... i mean it even has game in it's title

    This site is blocked as a URL under the 'Online games' category. As a belt-n-braces approach, the helicopter game SWF is also caught by the flash filter.

    Are you the chap who was being helped by our Support Team last week with something similar?

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    Finally got the OK to get the additional licences - though god knwos what will happen between May and our RM Assimilaton Date

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    We use the Sophos WS1000 that then feeds into one of our ISA servers. Apart for the issue for the authentication issues when we upgraded to Windows 2008 r2 (which has been sorted now), we're pretty happy with it.


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