I think i might be flogging a dead horse here, but here goes:

Our school uses the RM Easymail email accounts provided by the local authority as the sole form of email for most staff. Whilst we have a list of email addresses in an Excel document on the network, there is no centralised address book available to all staff.
I have recently been looking at providing one, using the tools available on the Easymail site. Now it appears to be possible to share an address book; letting anyone search for it and gain access, or by inviting specific individuals.
The problem with this is that RM appear to only let you share an address book within the same domain - the accounts we're issued with are in the form red.esinet.org.uk or yellow.esinet.org.uk, meaning address books can only be shared with other people having the same colour in their email address. Needless to say, there is no rational to how we're issued addresses, so every colour of the rainbow and more is represented in staff email accounts...

I can thing of one way round this - email all staff in one go and have them use the tool on the email website to add all the addresses into their address book. Seems overly complicated and prone to being outdated to me.

Any ideas how this could be got around?