We currently use Smartfilter for content filtering on our two sites, we were previously paying anything between £8.50-£9.90 per client but now that its been taken over by McAfee the price has rocketed to around £35/client in the first year followed by around £7 for the following 1/2 years, that and the fact that the program hasn't had any patches/updates since January 08 has led me to go in search of alternatives.

Ideally I'd like to stick with ISA and find another bolt on filtering package. I've been looking at GFI Webmonitor 4 which works out to around £6 per client(presuming we can still include all pc's on both sites on one licence)

Is anyone using GFI Webmonitor ? and if so is it any good?

One of our suppliers has mentioned going for Sophos Web Security as we already use their AV/Email products but as far as I can see it'd need us to purchase one of their appliances for each site.