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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Very Sick Smoothwall Box in Technical; So Networking > Interfaces > DNS points at Windows DNS server. Windows DNS server is set up to forward DNS ...
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    So Networking > Interfaces > DNS points at Windows DNS server. Windows DNS server is set up to forward DNS requests to the SmoothWall, which uses the SmoothWall's DNS Proxy (Services > DNS > DNS Proxy, make sure enabled for your internal interface). SW DNS Proxy forwards on DNS requests to your ISP's DNS server as defined in the Networking > Connectivity page.

    All internal clients use SW as default gateway. Subnets defined on the SmoothWall so that it can route traffic to internal VLANs/other networks as required.

    Networking > Outgoing > Sources on the SW should be set up to reject outgoing traffic from all machines other than those that need direct internet access (e.g servers).

    If you need to use an upstream proxy to get to the web, make sure is set in System > Maintenance > Registration options and Guardian > Web Proxy (Prior to FP3) / Guardian > Upstream Proxies (FP3)

    Does all that look like what you've got? How's it failing at the moment?

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    Have you got some other box stealing the smoothie's IP? Sometimes "works for a bit then fails" problems like this are a result of DHCP conflicts!

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    Well Smoothie is backup and running - sort of

    Looks like ISA (now TMG) was interfering with external DNS so in the end I reverted Smoothwall back to using TMG as an upstream proxy
    All now working OK (though ISA/TMG complained about the amount of requests from the Smoothwall IP - Still not resolved but disabled the Flood Mitigation and Malware parts for now!)

    Thanks for all the help guys!

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